July 27, 2009

our resident tukei gecko

Isn't Fred the cutest tukei gecko ever?? Except he's a SHE! LOL! Just saw her little ones yesterday, they're feisty like mommy!

Fred is about 6inches around her tummy, 10inches long to the end of her tail. She's been a regular at our place for years. Or should I say, WE've been regulars at HER place for years LOL!


Greg said...

Nice! I have a little gecko who lives under my microwave. His name is Bob. I hope he doesn't get any radiation from the microwave or I might have to start calling him "Bob, sir."

jessie Reed said...


Kampuchea Crossings said...

These guys are a constant source of amusement... on the few times I spot them, that is. I guess I'd hide too if I were considered a delicacy. :-)

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