September 19, 2009

Twitter and my #followfriday list

Graphic courtesy of Ritu

Isolation is wretched dull. I miss the exposure to ideas and interaction that come with living in global cities. While there are certainly boundless gems brewing in the Kingdom, there’s nothing like the left-thinking stimulation from networks which are so totally different than you’re daily engaging with. So the varied perspectives and people who facilitate these mental bridges on twitter ... priceless.

That said, here are my #followfriday recommendations, to be continually updated.

For unique perspectives worth consideration:


China, China-US, China-West business and politics

@sagarikaghose @sardesairajdeep @priyaraju @gregorylent

India-Asia life and politics


Burma and India

@kawdess @elizrael @fustat @jerusalembureau @3arabawy
Mid-East and North Africa

@AriCostello @kevindoylejones @nelderini @atomiota


@teresakopec @dukestjournal @yatpundit @davidbadash @tomwatson

US politics (stateside perspectives)

journalism, media matters


Latin America

For their expertise / interest areas:

@jranck @fanihiman95376 @acorsin @clasticdetritus @allochthonous @yorrike
the sciences

@viirak @tharum @john_weeks
Cambodia culture and politics

Pakistan, Afghanistan

China-US business


East Asia economics

Global and alternative lifestyle / philosophies


Consumer advocacy in the US; grassroots health, safe food and farming initiatives


IT and social networks, and news on Japan and Australia

@bill_easterly @ithorpe @theroadto

Foreign aid

@kiwanja @tmsruge @gabgabgabby @whiteafrican

Social enterprising in Africa


Social networking for organisational learning


Personal finance, blogs The Simple Dollar


Philosophy and productivity, blogs Zen Habits

@skap5 @robert_banghart @skipzilla @tomwatson @tikkun44

US politics and especially the health financing reform


Smart streams of consciousness
(by location):
UK @UKProgressive @ashantiomkar @debra47

China @davidfeng @dufffader @xiaoyi @kaiserkuo @sioksiok @Damjan_DeNoble @taweili @minimum12

Vietnam @saigonnezumi @kennedypj

Thailand @chuanjeng @bm_ @photo_journ

Malaysia @llamasonic @peterpek

Japan @fatblueman

Saudi Arabia @alethe

Iraq @keemoD

Russia @MarkRPritchard

US @marabg @cwbuddha @maybellinete @olithechet @growinggold @obitod @pinkfest @suzannereed @mhaithaca @memachel @ratpoe @dakster9 @davidoberry @jimnnoke

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